Fire & Public Safety Flooring

The flooring in engine bays, vehicle maintenance areas, locker rooms, offices, and other areas of fire and public safety facilities must withstand traffic 24/7. These high-traffic operations need heavy-duty floors that look as good as they perform. 

Cost-Effective Flooring Solutions for Fire Halls, Police Stations, and EMT Facilities

Apparatus bays and engine bays, fleet maintenance areas and common spaces in fire halls and public safety facilities require flooring that works as hard as the public servants who use them. 'Round the clock public safety and firehouse operations need decorative, industrial grade floors that look great with minimal maintenance and continue to perform over the long haul. Local governments maintain tight budgets and mandate that facility concrete assets be well-protected, while at the same time requiring that finishes provide extended repair and replacement cycles. That’s where our decorative, high-performance fire and public safety flooring systems come in. At Sherwin-Williams, we offer a large selection of high performance flooring that can help local governments save over the long term. Our hard-working, slip-resistant floor finishes can be installed with minimal downtime to provide optimal performance and efficient, economical maintenance. 

Durable Flooring Solutions for Fire & Public Safety

Public safety buildings are high-traffic areas where safety and durability are paramount. Moreover, these buildings have harsh environments requiring high-performance flooring solutions. Because the call to action can come at any time, emergency vehicles and the flooring around them must always be well-maintained. 

Sherwin-Williams resinous floor coating systems are a proven solution for public safety buildings and fire facilities, with benefits and options including:

  • Excellent chemical resistance to the fluids used to keep emergency fleets in top shape
  • Impact resistant flooring that can stand up to dropped equipment and tools
  • Steam-cleanable, power washable and moisture tolerant systems
  • Floor striping and marking options to help meet safety regulations
  • Solid-colored and decorative floor coating solutions with long-term appeal
  • Option to embed organizational logos and messaging into the floor finish
  • Customizable slip-resistance that is easy to clean and maintain

To learn more about our fire and public safety facility flooring solutions, contact a Sherwin-Williams representative today.

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