Hospitality and Entertainment Flooring

In the hospitality and entertainment industry, aesthetics are as important as function. Sherwin-Williams provides a wide range of attractive, seamless, hard-wearing resin flooring solutions for all hospitality and entertainment facilities, including systems ideal for lobbies, spas, pools, kitchens, parking decks, and so much more. 

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Seamless Floors for Hotels, Restaurants and More 

Our beautiful terrazzo and decorative resinous flooring systems are extremely durable and offer excellent resistance to wear, cleaning chemicals, and stains. They promote long-term aesthetics with options for customized designs or aggregate that can also be color-matched to ensure brand standards and fulfillment of owners' design visions.

Versatile Flooring for the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry

Purchasing a durable flooring system is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. As a foundational element of the environment that customers interact with and notice, an outdated or deteriorating floor can give the entire business an air of poor quality and subpar cleanliness. With flooring, it is far less expensive to do the job right the first time than to have to tear up and reinstall a new system when the old one wears, disintegrates, or fades. Being able to stretch out the floor covering replacement cycle is certainly preferred, since any time spent on repairs or refurbishment of your facility’s floor is time when your business can’t be running at capacity, potentially resulting in missed opportunities to gain new and loyal customers. When you opt for a Sherwin-Williams’ epoxy or other resinous floor coating for your flooring system, you make an investment that will more than pay for itself with superior performance, USDA compliance, very low maintenance costs, and a long usable life.

Sherwin-Williams’ floor coating systems are a proven solution for the hospitality and entertainment industry, with benefits including:

  • Innovative flooring decor for public areas
  • Unlimited standard and custom colors and blends
  • Logos, patterns, multiple effect and floor design options
  • High-performance topcoats that protect and preserve your flooring
  • Choice of slip-resistant finishes, customizable for different areas
  • High temperature and thermal shock-resistant floors
  • Steam-cleanable concrete floor systems
  • Sanitary surfaces with antimicrobial features
  • USDA compliant options and LEED certified systems
  • Easy to clean, inexpensive to maintain and no waxing required
  • Economical, safe, and sanitary flooring systems

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