SofTop Comfort System floor in a school

SofTop™ Comfort Systems

Acoustic, ergonomic and hygienic flooring for healthcare, education, and other commercial and institutional facilities

SofTop Comfort Systems combine versatile decor options with ergonomic comfort underfoot and noise reduction benefits that help meet the health and safety needs of institutional and commercial facilities. Resistant to chemicals and staining, the slip-inhibiting surface is seamless, sanitary and easy to clean, making SofTop ideal for sensitive, high occupancy, high footfall environments such as hospitals and nursing homes, schools and universities, hospitality and entertainment venues, offices and retail stores – wherever ergonomics, evidence-based design, and exciting aesthetics are priorities. What more, it's formulated with up to 25% renewable plant oils to reduce environmental impacts relative to non-biobased alternatives. 

SofTop Comfort: Easier on the feet, easier on the eyes, easier on the earth.

Whether you're interested in learning about our floor offerings, have specific questions, or are in need of an installation quote, we're ready to help. From design and construction to installation and after-care, our unparalleled team of industry experts are available nationwide to help you determine the best flooring options for your specific needs and budget.

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SofTop System in gray meld design in an office

Why SofTop Comfort Systems?

Designed to Perform

  • Ergonomic benefits for employees and visitors
  • Acoustic flooring with sound dampening for a better indoor experience
  • Seamless, sanitary and easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent stain and chemical resistance
  • Stands up to heavy foot traffic and carts 
  • Aesthetic finishes to complement design themes
  • Specification support for industry compliance
  • Formulated with up to 25% natural plant oils for lower environmental impact relative to non-biobased alternatives


Meet SofTop Comfort Systems

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