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Special Aesthetics

You shouldn’t have to choose between high performance floors and beautiful ones. Sherwin-Williams offers a range of custom flooring and coatings, which gives your floors the clean design and seamless style that leave an impression on every person who walks across them. Our lustrous, durable and completely customized finishes maintain their beauty over time, withstanding chemicals and corrosives, cleaning products, and wear from impact and daily traffic. When you choose the aesthetics of Sherwin-Williams custom epoxy blends and other flooring systems, you give your concrete floor so much more than just a surface makeover.

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Abstract Designs

Looking for modern, stylish, abstract designs? Sherwin-Williams can create the understated patterns and naturalistic veneer that complements your facility’s ambience. Whether you want the beautiful, subtle swirls of a faux stain, a design with solid shapes and color patterns or the randomized simplicity of an aggregate mix, our custom flooring and coating experts can craft the aesthetic finish that perfectly suits your facility.

Logos and More  

From corporations and retail environments to schools and athletic facilities, our custom flooring and coatings can be installed with logos, messaging and other designs unique to your space. Embedding your logo in the flooring helps ensure its lasting beauty, even under heavy wear. We also specialize in flooring that delineates traffic lanes, workspaces and departments within your facility, making it easier for you to organize your floor plan.

Safe, Durable Finishes

Like all Sherwin-Williams products, our custom epoxy blends and other flooring systems, designed to your aesthetic specifications, are durable, hygienic and highly resistant to wear, corrosives and impact. Choose from one of the broadest selections of decorative high performance flooring on the market, benefit from the innovative and upscale look, and enjoy the incredible commercial flooring value.

Ready to see the aesthetic potential of a Sherwin-Williams flooring system? Contact us today for more information—our custom industrial flooring and coatings enhance and support imaginative design in ways that just might surprise you.


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