Chemical Resistant Flooring Maintenance Recommendations

Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring chemical resistant systems are engineered to protect the substrates from specific corrosive elements. To maximize the long term performance of the system, the following information must be read, understood and implemented.

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Daily maintenance consists of removal of deleterious chemicals and neutralization. Caution should be exercised to prevent the system from being exposed to certain chemicals and physical abuse that exceed the ratings contained in the Chemical Resistance Guide and system recommendations. Cleaning and sanitizing solutions, and the actual mechanical cleaning equipment and techniques shall be evaluated for system compatibility prior to use, and shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions. Steam cleaning may be used, provided that the wand temperature does not exceed a 160°F temperature differential, and the substrate does not exceed 100°F. The wand should be kept constantly moving across the system during the course of cleaning. Buffing-type machines with polishing pads or floor scrubbers with suitable non-aggressive brushes may be used to remove accumulation of dirt on the chemical protective system.

Routine and thorough review of the entire Sherwin-Williams chemical resistant systems shall be performed. In addition, should an unusual spill occur, the system should be inspected, as soon as physically possible, for loss of integrity. Assessment of the system’s condition shall occur at this time. Should repairs be required, the owner shall notify the installing contractor and technical service immediately. To prevent further damage to the system and/or the substrate, remedial repairs must be executed immediately. At the time of repair, the installing contractor shall be given free and unencumbered access to the area in need of repair.

Should a change in the usage or chemical exposure in the protected area occur, the installing contractor and technical service should be advised to assess the ability of the system to resist the new exposure conditions.

All surfaces, including slope to drain and trenches, shall be maintained at all times. Puddling of chemicals on the protective surface should be avoided, as this condition may lead to premature degradation of the protective system.

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