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Building Products Coatings

Premium coatings for wood and composite building products

When it comes to their homes, consumers  expect exceptional quality products that meet the toughest durability and performance standards. This translates into high expectations from the market to deliver long-lasting, high-quality factory finishes. We offer a full range of consistent coating colors, easy color customization and field touchup options to match your needs for throughput efficiency, finish durability, aesthetics and overall quality.

Whether you are working with substrates made of wood or composites, our diverse line of coatings is formulated to help you help your residential and commercial customers protect their biggest investments.

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With more than 76 blending facilities across North America, we are at your service and ready to to provide solutions for all of your coating needs.

  • Clear Wood Topcoats

    Sherwin-Williams clear wood topcoats for building products provide a rich, even finish with excellent durability for long-lasting beauty.

  • Clear Wood Sealers

    Sherwin-Williams clear wood sealers for building products sand quickly and help you achieve an extremely smooth final result.

  • Composite Stains and Glazes

    Sherwin-Williams' complete line of wood and composite building products stains and glazes provide easy application and a beautiful finish on building products.

  • Pigmented Wood/Composite Primers/Surfacers

    Sherwin-Williams' line of wood primers and surfacers for building products provides versatility and performance - and the foundation for the beautiful finish.

  • Pigmented Wood/Composite Topcoats

    Sherwin-Williams' complete line of pigmented wood coatings for building products sets the standard for rich, non-yellowing finishes that stand the test of time.

  • Wood Stains and Glazes

    Sherwin-Williams' complete line of wood stains and glazes provide easy application and a beautiful finish on wood and composite building products.

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