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valPure® non-BPA Lining Benefits

valPure V70 non-BPA epoxy linings provide excellent performance you can trust for your coating needs.

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valPure V70 linings were designed using the Safety by Design development protocol to ensure market longevity. These coatings have been reviewed by regulatory agencies and approved for use across the metal packaging industry.  Learn more below about the benefits of valPure NBPA epoxy and its industry approvals.

More about valPure® NBPA Epoxy

  • Non-BPA*, V70 Series, designed for epoxy-like performance
  • Extensive testing demonstrates evidence for an absence of genotoxicity and endocrineactivity.
  • Globally relevant product offerings across many end use categories
  • Broad application in beverage, food and general packaging end uses
  • Thoroughly vetted starting materials
  • Designed for use with existing equipment, processes and product knowledge
  • valPure V70 production involves a type of bisphenol that is different from BPA and is eliminated by the end of the manufacturing process. This has been validated by independent tests showing no detection measuring down to 0.08 parts per billion (ppb).
  • The valPure V70 Series went through a more robust development and safety testing protocol than required by national and international regulatory agencies.

Safety by Design

Sherwin-Williams uses industry-leading standards and a Safety by Design framework modeled after the preclinical pharmaceutical safety evaluation process.  This leads to food-packaging safety and global regulatory compliance.  valPure NBPA Epoxy does not contain substances of very high concern.2

Food Contact Notifications (FCNs)

Other approvals

  1. Endocrine activity: valPure V70 Series has been evaluated using several biological assays to determine potential effects on the human endocrine system.
  3. Please contact Sherwin-Williams for product-specific international regulatory approvals. 

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*Non-BPA - This designation indicates that the coating technology is based on polymeric components that are not derived from Bisphenol A.

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