TAITO Mobility

Enhancing Sustainability and Aesthetics in Urban Mobility with Sherwin-Williams.

Client: TAITO Mobility
Industry: Electric Mobility
Location: Gent, Belgium

TAITO Mobility is a pioneering company dedicated to redefining urban mobility.
Their flagship product, the Taito S1 electric scooter, is designed with a commitment to safety, sustainability, and user experience.

Picture of TAITO Mobility scooter protected with Sherwin-Williams powder coatings.

the challenge

Upgrade Aesthetics While Meeting Sustainability Standards

The challenge for TAITO Mobility was clear: elevate the aesthetics of their Taito S1 electric scooter without compromising on sustainability.
In the fiercely competitive urban mobility market, they sought to make a bold statement by offering eco-friendly transportation that was also visually appealing.


Elevating the Taito S1 Scooter

Sherwin-Williams and TAITO Mobility worked collaboratively to apply the Vision 2030 coatings, meticulously enhancing the aesthetics of the Taito S1.

High-resolution images capture the stunning transformation, showcasing the scooter's sleek, eco-friendly design.

The process involved:

  • Thorough surface preparation
  • Precise application of coatings
  • Quality control checks
  • Sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.


The Solution

Bringing Aesthetics and Sustainability Together

Sherwin-Williams stepped in with their exclusive Vision 2030 powder coating line-up, offering a selection of environmentally responsible coatings that meet stringent sustainability credentials.

TAITO Mobility and Sherwin-Williams collaborated to apply a three-part coating system that not only enhanced the scooter's appearance but also protected user safety, the substrate, and the environment.

The main benefits of Sherwin-Williams' Vision 2030 powder coating line-up lie in its ability to provide durable, eco-conscious, and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

These coatings not only enhance product appearance but also meet stringent sustainability standards, making them ideal for eco-conscious companies like TAITO Mobility.


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