Power Generation

Efficient Asset Protection Keeps Power Assets Online

The power industry faces a wide range of operating conditions that relentlessly threaten the longevity of various structures and the revenue obtained. Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine protects the industry’s assets by combatting corrosion to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity around the region.

From coal to natural gas to nuclear power plants to renewable energy, our comprehensive coating solutions are designed to promote facility uptime wherever possible. Our high-build, fast-return-to-service steel and concrete linings can be applied in fewer coats to quickly restore tanks, vessels and secondary containment structures to operation. Our high-temperature coatings can be applied to hot substrates when combatting the effects of corrosion under insulation (CUI). In addition, our zinc-rich primers, corrosion-resistant intermediate coatings and weather-resistant topcoats deliver long-term durability to extend maintenance intervals.

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Wind turbines in the water

Solutions for Your Industry

  • Coal Fired Plant

    Fossil Fuel

    These coating systems are designed and tested to withstand the demands of the challenging environments in these power plant, including excellent abrasion resistance, and our “Rapid Return to Service” coatings reduce outage time and optimise production requirements.

  • Hydroelectric power generation


    Externally tested and certified high-performance coatings to ensure hydroelectric plant assets remain corrosion-free and operational

  • Nuclear plant


    The Sherwin-Williams Nuclear Quality Assurance program ensures that all the safety requirements in this industry are satisfied, including the nuclear generating plants, and fuel and waste handling facilities. Our coating systems are designed and tested to withstand the demands of these challenging power plant environments.

  • Wind Turbines


    A wide range of durable coating systems to protect blades, towers, substations, foundations and other accessories from corrosion and damage.

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