Solutions for Hydrocarbon Fire Protection

The protection you need for the energy we depend on

From deeper drilling to higher operating temperatures and extended equipment lifespans, the demands placed on your exploration and production assets have never been higher. 

Finding the right passive fire protection solution for your facility is critical to minimising maintenance downtime, extending the life of assets and providing a safe environment for workers on site. 

Fire protection solutions for the hydrocarbon industry

Tested and certified, our FIRETEX® M90 and M89 series of passive fire and cryogenic spill protection is designed to provide outstanding protection from every type of flammable incident and long-term corrosion resistance. 

Used on offshore platforms, refineries, FPSOs, petrochemical plants, LNG terminals, and storage facilities, the range is enhanced with either our H240 or J220 scrim cloth to provide mechanical ‘char’ reinforcement in the event of a fire.

Solutions for cryogenic spill and hydrocarbon fire protection

Visit our FIRETEX® M90 Series page to access the brochure in additional languages and click here to access product data sheets. 

Firefghter tackling a hydrocarbon fire
A FEET engineer looks at a building model on a computer

The science of fire protection

The science of fire protection is complex. It’s also a major investment. So, don’t guess it. Draw on our combined structural engineering experience and fire expertise with our Fire Engineering and Estimating Team (FEET). They can produce calculations for both cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire scenarios, including the evaluation of Carbon Equivalent (CO2e) weight, using our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

This invaluable service is available at concept development to ensure the correct product and film thickness to provide optimum protection.

Based in Europe, US and Asia, we can give you global 24/7 support, wherever you are. 

Discover a smarter approach to fire engineering

Fulfilling your fire protection needs for over 30 years

Backed by our highly experienced experts, our Hydrocarbon range has been used on oil and gas projects around the world for over three decades, accumulating a reputation as a tried and tested passive fire protection solution.

Drawing on our in-depth industry knowledge, field experience, and detailed understanding of the technical attributes of each product, our Technical Services Team are ready to support you, providing advice and training on surface preparation, and application techniques. 

Let our experts help you find the right solution for your needs

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