FasTop Polyurethane Floor Provides Hygienic Solution for Ireland Kerry Factory

The benefits of FasTop mean this Kerry Foods factory has a seamless floor which will withstand heavy duty production and aggressive daily cleaning

FasTop used at Kerry Foods

A food grade heavy duty flooring system was required to upgrade the Kerry Foods production facility. In such an environment with food stiffs being produced , hygiene and the capability for a seamless floor with non-slip properties for the employees working in this area were essential requirements.

The flooring chosen had to accomodate falls in the sub-floor with tha capability to incorporate drainage channels.

Substrate: Concrete

Requirements: To be hygienic, providing a seamless, non-slip surface

Specifications: Meeting all European Directives

Client: Kerry Foods


The chosen flooring system was FasTop TG69 polyurtehane floor screed in Buff. The introduction of this colour gave a modern look to the factory providing excellent light reflection enhancing production and health and safety and meeting all European Directives.

FasTop TG69 is approved by Campden BRI Food Research Association and HACCP International for use in the food industry providing an ideal solution for food production environments.

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