Jumeira Lakes Towers Car Park Gets Protective Finish with Resudeck ST Solution

Sherwin-Williams Resudeck ST polyurethane provides protective anti-slip finish for vehicles and pedestrians

Dubai car park


The showpiece Jumeirah Lakes Towers development in Dubai chose a specialist car park deck coating system from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings to meet the highest level of flexibility required for its latest expansion project.

Due to increasing demand for car parking from visitors, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) decided to create further space at the impressive development.

They turned to experts at Sherwin-Williams who - after examination of the project needs - recommended its specialist polyurethane car park deck coating system Resudeck ST for the 10,000 square metre project.

The spectacular 730,000 square metre JLT development consists of 80 towers along the edges of three artificial lakes, Lake Almas West, Lake Almas East, JLT Lake as well as the JLT Embankment of eight towers facing Jumeirah Islands.

The chosen system for 10,000 m² had to meet all relevant environmental and health and safety regulations.


Resudeck ST provides the flexibility to bridge dynamic cracking which can be caused by high density traffic as opposed to other hybrid systems which are often rigid and brittle and prone to failure.

The highest level of durability with flexibility comes from a formulation using a both a polyurethane top coat and a polyurethane primer. Other hybrid systems which have epoxy primers do not provide resistance against cyclical movement and deflection in the slabs or decks of the car parking areas caused by the sheer volumes of traffic.

The tailored formulation of Resudeck ST - with a sufficient amount of resin content - was developed by Sherwin-Williams’ scientists to create a finish which can withstand the consistent heavy usage of traffic over the car park areas whilst being solvent-free and waterproof.

With a high aesthetic finish in specially formulated grey and red to match existing areas, Resudeck ST’s anti-slip surface also ensures a safe, bright environment for visitors underfoot with minimal tyre squeal with high chemical resistance enabling it to withstand petrol, diesel or brake fluid spillages.

Benefits also include lifetime cost savings for the operators of JLT who have the reassurance that the car park areas will continue to provide a safe, clean surface for visitors for many years to come.

Ian Graham, Managing Director of Pegasus Contracting Co, the Sherwin-Williams' approved applicator for JLT, said: “We have a close working relationship with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and together with Sherwin-Williams we were able to deliver the solution to a rigorous challenge.”

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