Architectural Building Products Trends

The experts at our Global Color & Design Center have identified the top finishes for interior building products.


Our color experts are immersed in the product development process, which includes identifying emerging color and style trends in the wood and composite building products industry — from millwork and doors to windows and wood paneling.


Organic finishes create spaces where occupants can escape the commotion of everyday life. When it comes to wood finishes, we’ve seen a shift to simpler, more organic design that reflects elements of nature, evoking calmness and serenity. Wood paneling in light, airy hues is  popular, and flat, “barely there” wood finishes highlight the natural beauty of wood.


Less is More

Minimalistic and streamlined, Scandinavian-inspired designs bring subtle lightness and composure. These neutral finishes serve as a great backdrop for airy whites or pops of color. While shades of gray are still very prevalent, warmer blonde finishes are becoming more widespread. The use of mixed natural materials, including wood, stone and metals are on the rise, as well. 

Highlighting the Grain

There’s beauty in Earth’s raw and blemished textures — a departure from manufactured perfection. Wire-brushed and cerused finishes amplify the imperfections of wood grain — highlighting its biological splendor and emphasizing the wood grain’s individuality. Pops of pearlescence pair with natural wood grain to reflect the Earth’s rustic and industrial landscape.

Natural Grain SB034

Chocolate Brownie SB014

Nature SB007

Graystone SB001

Warm Tan SB028

Antique Barrel SB036

Black Forest SB016

Tea with Milk SB050

Warm Gray SB009

Soft Sand SB039

Warm Toffee SB004

Winter Sky SB005

Charcoal SB002

Perfect Brown SB038

Sweet Honey SB035

Golden Sunshine SB024

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