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Color Trends

Trends, not to be confused with fads that fade quickly, are futuristic and inspirational. Our color trends are based on mega, macro and micro-level influences such as science, design, art and culture. 

Exterior Color Trends

Coil & Extrusion Color Trends
It is human to be attracted to color. It is also human to expect tastes in color to evolve. When that happens, new trends form. And who better than the people who live, breathe and coat the world with every color in extistence to inform you of these trends?
Building Products Color Lookbook
Whether designing an apartment complex, elementary school, office park or farmhouse, the principles of good architecture hold true beyond trends of the day. The ability to work with metal building materials in a way that artfully leverages an environment’s natural light, textures, climate and silhouettes is part and parcel of good design.

Interior Color Trends

Colormix Forecast
Rhythm is the secret to how the natural world stays in step. See it take shape in 40 trend colors, presented in four palettes designed to bring your own rendition of rhythm to beautiful life.
High Performance Flooring Color Trends
Tap into the inspiration of our resinous flooring palettes to create your own unique, yet cohesive spaces for airports, hotels, schools and other architectural projects.
Industrial Wood 2020 Forecast
The experts at our Global Color and Design Center understand the unique correlation between the growing desire for wellness and warmth and product design. Unique, custom finishes create spaces in the home or workplace that bring joy. This forecast embraces five unique stories that drive the future of wood finishes.
Interior Wood Building Products Trends
Our color stylists are immersed in the product development process, which includes identifying emerging color and style trends in the interior wood building products industry. They have identified the top trending finishes for wood paneling, doors, windows, and more.
Wood Flooring Trends
While popular flooring styles held steadfast for years, recent advancements in finishing technology have elevated flooring aesthetics. From fumed and strong grains, to bleached and blonde, there’s a wood finish to fit every style.
Wood Cabinetry and Casework Trends
We've identified the most prominent wood stain and paint color trends you should consider when it comes to specifiying cabinetry and casework.
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