Wood Cabinetry and Casework Trends

The experts at our Global Color & Design Center have identified the top 16 stains and top 60 paint colors for cabinetry and casework.



Stain Trends

Here are the top 16 stain trends forecasted by the color and design experts at our Global Color & Design Center. 

Natural Grain SB034

Chocolate Brownie SB014

Nature SB007

Graystone SB001

Warm Tan SB028

Antique Barrel SB036

Black Forest SB016

Tea with Milk SB050

Warm Gray SB009

Soft Sand SB039

Warm Toffee SB004

Winter Sky SB005

Charcoal SB002

Perfect Brown SB038

Sweet Honey SB035

Golden Sunshine SB024

Paint Trends

Here are the top 60 paint colors forecasted by the color and design experts at our Global Color & Design Center. 


SW7071 Gray Screen

SW0055 Light French Gray

SW7015 Repose Gray

SW7050 Useful Gray

SW7052 Gray Area

SW7044 Amazing Gray

SW7024 Functional Gray

SW7018 Dovetail

SW7019 Gauntlet Gray

SW6005 Folkstone


SW7757 High Ref. White    

SW7005 Pure White

SW7006 Extra White

SW7102 White Flour

SW7008 Alabaster

SW6385 Dover White

SW9180 Aged White

SW7556 Creme

SW6196 Frosty White

SW6253 Olympus White


SW6211 Rainwashed

SW6212 Quietude

SW6213 Halcyon Green

SW6215 Rocky River

SW6221 Moody Blue

SW6220 Interesting Aqua

SW6242 Bracing Blue

SW6241 Aleutian

SW6534 Icy

SW6245 Quicksilver


SW6990 Caviar

SW7674 Peppercorn

SW7728 Green Sprout

SW7600 Bolero

SW0048 Bunglehouse Blue

SW9134 Delft

SW7025 Backdrop

SW6171 Chatroom

SW7532 Urban Putty

SW0046 White Hyacinth


SW6415 Hearts of Palm

SW6608 Rave Red

SW7004 Snowbound

SW9178 In the Navy

SW6219 Rain

SW7057 Silver Strand 

SW9168 Elephant Ear

SW7020 Black Fox

SW6496 Oceanside

SW6896 Sole


SW7069 Iron Ore    

SW2846 Roycroft Bronze Green

SW7734 Olive Grove

SW2851 Sage Green Light

SW6335 Fired Brick

SW7605 Gale Force

SW0032 Needlepoint Navy

SW9138 Stardew

SW7690 Townhall Tan

SW0030 Colonial Yellow

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