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Goodfellow Inc. uses Sherwin-Williams color expertise to stay ahead of the latest trends, and KEM AQUA® BP Siding Select from Sherwin-Williams on its siding line.

Goodfellow Inc., a Canadian distributor of lumber products, building materials and hardwood flooring, headquartered in Delson, Quebec, began as a family-owned lumber distributor in 1898. After becoming a public company and greatly expanding its product offering, 120 years later, Goodfellow and Sherwin-Williams began a collaboration to produce colorful, durable siding for residential and commercial markets.

Goodfellow’s reputation as a quality wood producer in North America has attracted more than 8,000 customers globally, including large wholesalers like Lowe’s and Home Depot. As a leading distributor and processor of exotic woods, such as Douglas fir, timber, cedar and pine for the flooring, decking and siding markets, Goodfellow focuses on product longevity. By working with Sherwin-Williams on its growing siding business, Goodfellow provides its customers with lasting products in a variety of colors.



“A building’s color is the first thing you see,” said Enryck Lacoste, Siding Manager for Goodfellow. “Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, aesthetics matter to our siding customers and their end-users.”

As its siding business expanded, Goodfellow sought a coatings supplier with industry and color expertise.

“We needed a supplier that could keep us up-to-date on color trends, deliver uncompromised performance and prevent fading,” said Lacoste. “Sherwin-Williams approached us with a clear understanding of our needs and goals. They brought a number of pre-finishing solutions to the table, and they have brand recognition that resonates with our customers.”


We needed a supplier that could keep us up-to-date on color trends, deliver uncompromised performance and prevent fading. Sherwin-Williams came in with a clear understanding of our needs and goals. They brought a number of pre-finishing solutions to the table, and they have brand recognition that resonates with our customers.

Enryck Lacoste

Siding Manager, Goodfellow Inc.


Every phase of Goodfellow’s production process is carefully monitored for consistency, color accuracy and quality. Pre-finishing is mainly executed in-house, but the company often subcontracts its customized orders. Goodfellow relies on its Sherwin-Williams technical service representatives, Kevin Roach and Heather Humphries, to ensure quality application from site to site. They dissect the details of the line and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Goodfellow’s paint line runs Sherwin-Williams KEM Aqua® BP Siding Select, a premium waterborne coating for wood and composite siding. The product’s waterborne polyurethane dispersion technology is more eco-conscious compared to solventbased alternatives, while exhibiting similar performance properties. BP Siding Select is also available in a wide range of colors and can be formulated with solar reflective colorants, which help protect exterior siding from fading under UV exposure.

“By using the same coating on all their products, they minimize mistakes and issues,” said Gianni Pitruzzello, Sherwin-Williams Sales Representative. “Everything is streamlined – from ordering to application. Goodfellow finishers know exactly how much paint to order, and exactly how it will work with their equipment and their subcontractors’ equipment.”

A Sherwin-Williams industrial blending facility is less than 10 miles from Goodfellow’s headquarters, which makes the purchasing process easy and convenient, according to Lacoste. In the past, the lumber distributor used coating suppliers from the west coast and Midwest, which resulted in costly and time-consuming visits. Not only does Goodfellow save money by working with a supplier in proximity, it saves floor inventory space by mixing colors quickly at the Sherwin-Williams facilit

“Customers don’t want to wait weeks for their shipment,” said Lacoste. “When we order products from Sherwin-Williams, we get them the same or next day, affording us just-in-time delivery for our customers. This is a huge benefit to doing business with Sherwin-Williams."


As the lumber distributor continues to grow its siding offering, Lacoste notes that color technology will become increasingly important.

Goodfellow is working with Sherwin-Williams to integrate the coating supplier’s Color Express™ Color Visualizer, an online interactive tool that allows consumers to see what siding colors could look like on their homes and buildings. The tool will launch on Goodfellow’s website in 2020.


Color and Design

A building's aesthetics are important, so it was just as important to Goodfellow that their supplier was able to to help them stay up-to-date on the latest color trends with color and design expertise that keeps them one step ahead of the industry. Read more about our color and design services and how our experts help our customers stay on the leading edge.

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Technical Support

Goodfellow relies on our technical service representatives to dissect the details of their production line and ensure production is running smoothly and consistently across multiple sites. By streamlining processes, we help Goodfellow operate more efficiently. Read more about our technical service support and how we can help your operations be more productive.

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Local Service

With a Sherwin-Williams blending facility just miles from Goodfellow’s headquarters, Goodfellow is able to quickly serve it's customers, while saving money by working with a supplier in close proximity, and saving inventory space by mixing colors quickly at their local facility. With a facility network that spans North America, we're committed to getting our customers what they need, when they need it.

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