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A Complete Package to Ensure Success

A-Plus™ is a complete package of solutions to ensure success. Our approach brings together the best elements of people, product, platform, education and engagement to optimize labor and connect metrics and deliver demonstratable business results.  

A-Plus also offers connectivity to our direct distribution model (for access to premium refinish systems and collision repair products) and the Collision Core™ platform of intelligent solutions.

A-Plus™ guides and supports you in this process—and you’re able to objectively assess your business. Then, together we can create an actionable and measurable business improvement plan with commitment and accountability on both parties.

The A-Plus program also includes access to:

A-Plus™ Alliances
We’ve found the best external partners – A-Plus™ Alliances – that not only align with our commitment to business optimization and provide demonstratable value to the customer.
A-Plus™ Certified Network
In a unique alliance with DEKRA™, the A-Plus™ Certified Network demonstrates shop readiness for any capacity needs that arise for OEMs.
A-Plus™ Coaching
A-Plus™ Coaching utilizes experts with both shop floor, business and leadership expertise to perform impact assessments, complete financial and process audits, deliver education and facilitate collaboration.
A-Plus™ Rewards
We developed the A-Plus™ Rewards component of the program to allow for an accrual of funds that can be reinvested into the business against eligible expenses such as education, shop equipment and OEM certifications.
A-Plus™ University
A-Plus™ University places a critical focus on education and the ability to conveniently access it when and where it is needed.
A-Plus™ Vision Groups
A-Plus™ Vision Groups provide peer-to-peer interaction enabling you to benchmark your business and discuss challenges and opportunities with non-competitive counterparts to further accelerate business optimization.
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