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Collision Core™ offers intuitive, intelligent, but above all interconnected solutions, which provide AT-A-GLANCE visibility into key business operations and are designed to build strength and stability into the core of your business.

Collision Core focuses on critical unmet needs within the industry, connecting metrics and driving labor optimization and utilization via fully mobile, always connected cloud-based solutions.

- Improve cycle time, CSI and profitability
- Increase capacity
- Improve first-time on-time quality
- Optimize labor
- Easy to adopt
- Simple to deploy
- Fast ROI
- Save time and resources
- Elevates top performers


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Collision Core Production

Duration - 2:24

See how Woodcock Auto Body in Washingtonville, New York is using Collision Core Production to keep techs on task and give management time back to focus on the bigger picture.

Intelligent, intuitive, and interconnected solutions that deliver measurable and optimal outcomes.

Collision Core™ Color
Collision Core™ Color offers 24/7 access to a continuously updated library of color formulas, accessible from any web-enabled device with fully optimized touchscreen technology and management system connectivity for an intuitive, speedy and instantaneous color retrieval user experience.
Collision Core™ Inventory
Inventory management and ordering is easy and intuitive with Collision Core™ Inventory solution - saving time, improving order accuracy, and ensuring product is always available.
Collision Core™ Production
Collision Core™ Production is a highly visual, AT-A- GLANCE scheduling and production solution that helps increase capacity and provides insights in real-time.
Collision Core™ Quality
Collision Core™ Quality is the modern way to conduct quality control that follows, evidences, validates and documents the repair process.
Collision Core™ Scorecard
Collision Core™ Scorecard is an automatic Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report focusing on the most impactful lead and lag measures driving profitability and business improvement across ALL departments.
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