The solution to increase capacity and reach production and financial goals

Collision Core™ Production is a highly visual, AT-A- GLANCE scheduling and production solution that helps increase capacity and provides insights in real-time.

Do you ever think about:

  • Adding a new paint booth because the paint department is bottlenecked.
  • Adding more employees because you just can’t get the work out.
  • Expanding your current space, or buying a bigger shop, because you can’t handle the volume.

Collision Core Production is your solution, with real-time visibility into every aspect of every vehicle on your production floor, including:

  • What’s being work on.
  • What's not being worked on.
  • When work will be completed.
  • What work still needs to be completed.
  • Work in-progress by department.
  • Work waiting to be scheduled.
  • Labor capacity by department.
  • Vehicle status against delivery date.
  • Technician efficiencies for each repair phase.

Collision Core Production instantly highlights all these and more, delivering users the insights they need to meet your businesses' production and financial goals.

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