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With an ever-growing catalogue of options and advanced color-matching capabilities, we're able to help your customers's vision come to life. So, no matter the idea, we'll work with you to make it happen.

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Sheens and Gloss

A small change in the gloss of a color can make a big impact. Choose from our full range of reflective effects, from matte (low sheen/low gloss) to standard to high gloss.



By bringing a new dimension to classic colors, you can deliver a range of pearlescent looks with mica-based pigmentation found in Fluropon Classic II and Valflon coatings. There are endless possiblities to take your decorative coating system to new levels.



Bring your inspirations to life like never before with Nova. Using a proprietary application process, Nova offers deeper, richer colors with eye-catching sparkle in gold or silver sparkle and delivers dynamic results in nearly any color you can dream up.

Available in Fluropon and Valflon coating systems.



Featuring a spectrum of intense, vibrant tones that appear to shift when viewed from different angles or in changing lighting, Kameleon helps you achieve a memorable, engaging design. These rich, pearlescent hues come in a wide range of color-shifts, from subtle to dramatic.

Available in Fluropon and Valflon coating systems.



Fluropon Effects Print makes it easier to say "yes" to distinctive color combinations, unique patterns and rich multi-layer effects. Print opens up unlimited possiblities by using a solid base coat and layers of ink that complement the building materials — slate, cor-ten, wood grain and so much more.

Available in our Fluropon, Valflon and PolyPREMIER coating systems.



Our texture coatings are unique, textured finish that provide a new level of visual depth, dimension and durability, resulting in improved performance and visual enhancement over traditional smooth finishes. Texture provides a beautiful matte, low-gloss finish that redirects the light to create an appealing look while reducing the appearance of oil-canning and other defects.

Available in our Fluropon and WeatherXL Crinkle Finish systems.

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