Retouched application image of a modern house featuring Sherwin-Williams Emulate Wood Oak pattern panels in the Wheat colorway

Introducing Emulate™

Complete your vision with the latest innovation from Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings. Our collection of Emulate Architectural Metal Coatings was designed to seamlessly apply the look and feel of natural building materials to any interior and exterior project.

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Made to Mimic

Designed to simulate wood, metal and stone, Emulate offers unique design solutions that mimic nature down to the smallest detail. From intricate woodgrain design to manipulated metal patterns, these prints achieve a natural look without the weight, maintenance, expense or environmental impact of using the actual materials.


Emulate - Creating an Icon
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“Creating an Icon”

Emulate was developed with natural materials in mind to create an iconic collection designed to pass the test of time. CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO WATCH VIDEO.


Creative Expertise

We combine decades of experience with a collaborative approach. Our color experts work side by side with architects to find the right color schemes and patterns to bring their vision to life. Both beautiful and durable, Emulate stands out in the market. 


A Vision of Strength 

When paired with the incredible durability of metal, a building coated in Emulate will maintain a consistent appearance over time and won’t show its age. What’s more, it will stand up to extreme weather and dirt, stains and chemicals; it also protects against corrosion, rust and degradation.


Emulate - Pursuit of Authenticity
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“Pursuit of Authenticity”

Achieve an authentic look and feel without the weight, maintenance and expense of natural materials.


Our Advanced Coil
Coating Process

Your vision of wood, stone or metal involves multiple passes with a Fluropon® colored basecoat to provide the background color. Next, depending on the pattern, we apply at least one ink coating using a rotogravure printing method.

In addition to Fluropon®, this technology is available in our WeatherXL® and PolyPREMIER® product lines.

Our sale representatives will work closely with your team to find the right technology for your product and project needs.

Illustration of a 4-coat system.
Emulate™ protects with a combination of corrosion-resistance from our backer and primer layers that offer long-term defense from rust.


Steeped in Science

At our research and development facility in Fort Myers, Florida we test all our products to make sure they pass the test of time. That starts with collecting data from real-world weather events as well as accelerated laboratory testing. Once research is complete, we apply those learnings to the creation of our products, including Emulate.

With this latest offering, architects, product manufacturers and designers can complete their vision with confidence.


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Image of Sherwin-Williams Emulate pattern and colorway samples fanned out in a half circular pattern
Close up of Sherwin-Williams Emulate Metal Hammered pattern in the Forged Copper Colorway

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