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This is Modern Metal

Conceived through intimate industry knowledge and an affinity for creation, the EmulateTM Metal Collection is the next evolution in metal finishes. Traditionally chosen for its durability, this collection of signature designs replicates how humans, nature and time turn the look of metal into an aesthetic.

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Inspired by natural veining in leaves and the resurgence of perforated metal, the Leaf print effortlessly recreates an organic plant structure. These lively metal tones feel new, yet familiar.


Borrowing tones from desert climates and iron ranges, the Weathered prints make a modern statement while paying homage to a respected aesthetic. Just like your vision, these patterns were made to endure.

Emulate - Pursuit of Authenticity
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“Pursuit of Authenticity”

See how we recreated the natural weathering of metal with an elevated aesthetic in our Emulate Metal Collection.


Looking back on its cast bronze roots, the Burnished finishes embrace a raw metal look and add an industrial influence to any setting. Aged but never stale, the Burnished colorways are a unique offering to our Metal collection.


Drawing inspiration from the imperfect hammered markings found in steel drums, the mica base used in the Hammered prints enhances the look and feel of manipulated metal. The result is striking patterns that mimic art and worked metal.

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Emulate Metal Collection


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