Prepainted Building Products Can Enhance Interiors Too

 When we think of prepainted metal products for the construction industry, we often think of exterior uses like building panels and roofing. But prepainted metal is found from floor to ceiling on the interiors of buildings, too.

Sometimes its use is subtle and becomes an integral part of the design, and other times the metal itself is the focus of the design with dramatic colors and shapes. Prepainted metal can be found indoors throughout buildings, including:

  1. Interior Walls. Prepainted interior wall panels are available in a large number of differing profiles including ribbed, insulated (foamed), composite, and architectural shallow flat styles. These panels are lightweight and are installed more quickly than traditional walls. They can also take on dramatic shapes with colors or laminates that create striking design elements.
  2. Ceilings. Suspended ceiling tile systems in offices, airports, official buildings, and exhibition halls are often made with prepainted metal. These ceilings are chosen for their light weight, high heat and sound insulation qualities, durability and decorative appearance.
  3. Surfacing. Back splashes, decorative wainscoting, and column surrounds are often made of prepainted metal. The durable prepainted metal with good abrasion resistant coatings hold up under heavy commercial use, providing protection and good looks for many years.
  4. Interior Doors. Most all-metal door manufacturers today choose prepainted metal for its durability, ease of manufacturing and color and texture options (such as wood grain). The prepainted metal can outlast other materials such as wood, and the coating process provides many environmental benefits for manufacturers.
  5. Windows. Window frames and casings can be made with prepainted metal. Prepainted metal makes it more economical for manufacturers to provide color variety and eliminates environmental compliance issues related to painting. The coating is bonded so tightly, the metal can endure the sharp bends required to make window parts. Plus metal frames often outlast wood frames.
  6. Lighting Fixtures. Manufacturers use this prepainted metal to fabricate lighting fixtures such as recessed lighting, housing and trim and fluorescent ceiling fixtures. Highly reflective coatings are applied to light gauge metal with the coil coating process.
  7. Cabinetry. Manufacturers of industrial and residential cabinets use metal that has been painted by a coil coater because of the combination of great looks and hassle-free maintenance. Decorative coatings (such as bold colors, the look of stainless steel, wood patterns, faux patinas, and more) are applied to the metal to provide attractive appearance. Coatings also provide functional advantages, including corrosion.

Prepainted metal is a big part of buildings both inside and out. Manufacturers of products for the construction industry have long reaped the benefits of cleaning, treating and painting metal with the coil coating process prior to fabrication. Prepainted metal is also used for appliances, HVAC and more. You could say prepainted metal is on the inside of the construction industry! Learn more about applications and cost savings possible with prepainted metal at

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