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Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings metal roofing solutions allow you to work smarter, not harder. We’ve spent decades providing unparalleled expertise and innovation that our customers require to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. Elevate your metal roofing business to a whole new level with our industry-leading expertise and proprietary product and service offerings.

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Benefits of a metal roof coated by Sherwin-Williams


Built by innovation.

With a long legacy of innovation and wondering what’s next, Sherwin-Williams provides high-quality, state-of-the-art coatings systems and product offerings that are designed to look like new for years to come.



Fluropon, our flagship coating, is a field-proven exterior metal finish that provides industry-leading weatherability. Each coating is a fluoropolymer alloy, containing a 70% polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) resin, that meets or exceeds the rigorous AAMA 2605 performance criteria.


Created to withstand most anything that comes its way, our specially formulated WeatherXL silicone-modified polyester coating is designed to go where it will be abused—maintaining extreme resistance to abrasion, chipping and marring with tremendous color and gloss retention.

Building Solutions

We offer a complete selection of metal roofing coatings, sealant and paint products that all work together by design—protects with superior coating systems, seals with powerful waterproofing protection and repairs small nicks and scratches. 

Watts Removal Products

The Sherwin-Williams approach to products and customer relationships extends well beyond the initial sale of our coatings. Continue to make your roof look perfect to customers with our offering of Watts Removal Products.


Standing the test of time.

Our field-proven Fluropon and WeatherXL coatings protect against the harshest conditions by meeting the most rigorous specifications in the industry—giving you lasting durability and quality.

Exposure to the sun (UV light), moisture and humidity, high temperatures and temperature fluctuations can lead to color changes, chalking, blistering, corrosion and many other physical factors to the protective metal coating. Understanding how it can affect our product helps Sherwin-Williams develop and deliver superior products to our customers.

Inovation Begins at the Test Fence


Color expertise is what we do.

Over the years, Sherwin-Williams has achieved lasting beauty through science, innovation and research. As color experts, we are proud to offer inspiration and color trends for both residential and commercial metal roof applications. 

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Raise your sustainability footprint.

Sherwin-Williams offers more energy-efficiency by helping to mitigate the urban heat island effect. Direct sunlight and heat are easily absorbed by dry, exposed man-made structures, which increases surface temperature and results in higher energy costs. Cool metal roofing can offset this effect with Sherwin-Williams Solar Reflective (SR) coatings—Fluropon and WeatherXL. 

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Invest in long-term peace of mind.

Metal roofing brings more business your way, and there is no better time to expand your product offering and elevate your profitability. What’s more, a metal roof coated by Sherwin-Williams can help to regulate a home’s temperature, decreasing heating and cooling bills up to 40%. In addition to saving on energy cost, a metal roof offers far less maintenance needs or repairs—saving an estimated 60% over its lifespan.

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