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Color Obsessed

To us, color is more than a coating. Color can do anything. It’s human, environmental, emotional and it’s all we think about. We dive into the finest details while innovating and creating new colors. We pay attention to our manufacturing processes and push to work faster and have better partnerships with our clients—because we know how much color means to you, too.

Who We Are

Our commitment to innovation has helped us become global leaders in design and coil coating technology.


Relentless Seekers
Our color library is 50,000 hues deep and counting. With advanced technology to achieve any color imaginable, we bring new meaning to finding the perfect match - bringing inspiration to life.

We can collaborate with you on any project down to the smallest detail. Additionally, we offer classes and onsite training to ensure the highest standards of performance are met.


Down to the Details

Each project application presents a unique set of circumstances. Identifying location, resources, application type and substrates is the key to developing a customized coating solution. Precise performance requirements and application conditions dictate how we approach each new challenge with our customers. Our products have been created using enhanced resin and pigment development, safer raw materials, formula progression and continual quality control. The result is a coating that is beautiful, durable and environmentally responsible. Every job gets the expertise needed to deliver the right solution — down to the molecular level.


Color can TELL TIME. Color can DO ANYTHING.


Fluropon Continuum

Brilliant color. Two coats.
No compromise.

At Sherwin-Williams, we're obsessed with color, but it doesn't stop there — it fuels our drive for innovation. That's why we've spent years perfecting our proprietary two-coat, mica-based system.

By using applied science and decades of weathering data, we've taken metalescent coatings to a whole new level. The Fluropon Continuum system is formulated with the optimal combination of raw materials, eliminating the need for a clear coat and offering nearly limitless color options.
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Fluropon Continuum Color Card
Download a digital version of our 120 color collection.

Fluropon Continuum White Paper
Learn more about the the science behind Fluropon Continuum by downloading the technical paper.

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