CARC Defense Coatings

Protecting From More Than Corrosion

We think about finishing differently, seeking the perfect solutions to protect vehicles and warfighters. Sherwin-Williams Chemical Agent Resitant Coatings (CARC) Liquid and Powder solutions go through extensive testing to ensure performance, quality, durability and reliability.

  • Liquid

    CARC Military coatings demand precise specification, uncompromising protection and flawless performance under the most rigorous conditions.

  • CARC Powder


    Our tough, uncompromising, breakthrough CARC powder technology provides chemical agent resistance and a non-detectable infrared signature. This technology protects military equipment, vehicles, and rotorcraft, which helps American and Allied troops focus on the job at hand.

Military Approvals

Our coatings are specified for use in a variety of military applications from CARC powder coatings to touch-up aerosols and more.

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