Colormix 2020 - Color in Balance

On the verge of welcoming a new decade, consumers want to enter it as their best selves.

Our team at the Sherwin-Williams Global Color and Design Center (GCDC) understands the unique correlation between the growing desire for wellness and warmth and product design. Unique, custom finishes create spaces in the home or workplace that bring joy. This forecast is months in the making, and it is the intersection where color, design, and pop culture trends across the globe collide.

Our forecast is broken into five themes – Haven, Heart, Play, Alive, and Mantra — each telling a distinct story of joy, serenity, and focus to the mind, body, and spirit. Our color and design artisans are completely immersed in their craft — enhancing the natural beauty of wood while helping you go to market with a custom finish, every time. Use this forecast as your inspiration. Then, let our experts help you bring that inspiration to life with your own proprietary finish at our GCDC.

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