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Flooring Trends

The experts at our Global Color & Design Center have identified the top finishes for flooring.

While popular flooring styles held steadfast for years, recent advancements in finishing technology and shifts in consumer lifestyle preferences have elevated flooring aesthetics. From fumed and strong grains, to bleached and blonde, there’s a finish to fit every consumer style.


Consumers seek to create a calming refuge in their home — a place where they can escape the commotion. We’ve seen a shift to simpler, more organic home design that reflects elements of
nature, evoking calmness and serenity. For example, the “modern farmhouse” trend has made flat, “barely there” wood finishes popular, highlighting the natural colors of wood.


Minimalistic and streamlined, Scandinavian-inspired designs bring subtle lightness and composure into the home. These neutral finishes serve as a great backdrop for airy whites or pops of color. While shades of gray are still very prevalent for wood floors, warmer blonde finishes are becoming more widespread thanks to Scandinavian inspiration.


There’s beauty in Earth’s raw and blemished textures — a departure from manufactured perfection. Wire-brushed and cerused finishes
amplify the imperfections of wood grain — highlighting its biological splendor, and reactive stains emphasize wood grain’s individuality.
Pops of pearlescence pair with natural wood grain to reflect the Earth’s rustic and industrial landscape.



This finish palette strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. Transitional flooring finishes break the defined style mold, creating the perfect bold statement. When paired with unexpected finishes or wall colors, a uniquely cohesive look is created.


Tried and true, these timeless wood finishes are as popular as ever with consumers. Floors in these classic hues are versatile. They can be the focal point of the room or the perfect blank slate for a statement rug or bold pop of furniture.


The modern palette exemplifies the “New Neutral” — simple and streamlined finishes highlighted by trending reactive stains. These finishes blend well with their surroundings and are best used with light neutral walls to make a room appear larger.


Intended to inspire a proprietary finish that is exclusive to your brand, these boutique finishes are a great starting point from which you can work with GCDC color design professionals to build your own one-of-a-kind palette.



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