Fire Protection

Life-saving protection from fires, cryogenic spills and corrosion

Fires, cryogenic spills and corrosion can all weaken structural steel, causing concern for the integrity of steel structures and the safety of personnel working in and around those structures

With our safety-first mentality, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine has been leading the industry to mitigate threats, and to protect and preserve lives with advanced fireproofing coatings and comprehensive specification support

Our FIRETEX® intumescent coatings provide critical passive fire protection, cryogenic spill protection and corrosion protection for the design life of steel assets – delivering up to four hours of fire protection on steel, based on the solution you choose – with the added benefit of an aesthetically-pleasing finish for exposed structural steel.

And whether you need basic support or fully fire engineered and optimized coatings specifications, our qualified Fire Engineering & Estimation Team (FEET) will deliver customized recommendations to comply with industry and asset owner specifications. Let’s get this critical conversation started.

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Solutions for Your Industry

  • Cellulosic

    FIRETEX® intumescent coatings that provide time for occupants to safely escape and for firefighters to save structures.

  • Cryogenic

    FIRETEX® intumescent coatings that protect steel assets from the thermal shock and hazards of cryogenic spills.

  • Hydrocarbon

    FIRETEX® intumescent coatings that effectively mitigate the effects of jet fires, pool fires, boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions (BLEVEs), and blasts.

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