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Explore our broad portfolio of high-performance coatings and systems to help you achieve smarter, time-tested asset protection.
Walt Whitman bridge covered with Sherwin-Williams coatings
Bridge & Highway
Begin the road to productivity and longevity with coatings that protect, restore and preserve critical infrastructure assets.
Equipment & Supplies
We provide a full lineup of application equipment and coating supplies along with the technology and expertise to be your complete coatings supplier.
A contractor looking over blueprints inside of the steel frame of a building
Fire Protection
Adopt a safety-first mentality with life-saving protection from fires, cryogenic spills and corrosion.
food processing plant with resinous flooring
Food & Beverage Facilities
Receive expert specification support to ensure safety, compliance and durability from ceilings to floors.
Sherwin-Williams Coatings for the Rail Industry
Freight Rail
Minimize shop time with streamlined coatings applications and maximize railcar uptime by stopping corrosion in its tracks.
Global Products
Our Global Core Portfolio includes products available at the same quality and performance standard anywhere in the world.
Resinous Floor in Restuarant
High Performance Flooring
Maintain the highest level of uptime on flooring systems designed for form, function and performance.
High Temperature
Our comprehensive line of ambient and heat-cured high temperature resistant coatings for stacks, boilers and treaters helps prevent premature coating deterioration from elevated operating temperatures.
A tugboat on a river
Ensure the longevity and safety of assets from stem to stern with high-performance corrosion protection from the ravages of the sea.
Our durable protective coatings work overtime to mitigate attacks from highly abrasive dry processes like mineral extraction. We also offer coatings that combat corrosion under insulation (CUI) and under fireproofing (CUF).
An offshore oil rig at night
Oil & Gas
Manage energy safely, efficiently and cost effectively with advanced corrosion protection from extraction to distribution.
Sherwin-Williams Coatings for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Enhance facility uptime and compliance from top to bottom to maintain operations and protect profits.
Wind turbines in the water
Power Generation
Combat corrosion and protect assets to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity around the globe.
Steel Fabrication
We engineered our high-performance coatings to reduce the number of coats required, increase edge retention and improve dry times so you can get the most out of our solutions while controlling costs.
Sherwin-Williams Coatings for the Water & Wastewater Industry
Water & Wastewater
Find durable, fast return-to-service solutions to help protect our most precious resource – water.
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