High Performance Flooring

Designed for form, function and performance

Your commercial floors work hard. To withstand whatever walks, drives or rolls across them, you need sustainable flooring coatings to help your facilities maintain the highest level of performance from the ground up.

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine has answered those needs with a diverse range of functional resinous flooring systems that resist chemicals, abrasion and impact to support virtually any industrial or commercial application — from warehouses to parking decks to food service operations.

And if you are looking for an extensive line of color options and design styles for full aesthetic décor at schools, stadiums and other public spaces, our decorative flooring systems will look great and help you minimize maintenance needs and future costs.

Call us to let our expert flooring professionals guide you from specification to application to future maintenance.


Restaurant Metallic Trafficote Floor

Solutions for Your Industry

  • Airports

    High-performance flooring solutions that withstand the daily traffic of arrivals, departures and any activities in between

  • Animal Care

    Durable solutions vets, zoos and kennels need to keep their floors looking their best, and enhance the safety of animals and staff

  • Automotive/Hangar

    Diverse array of flooring solutions that deliver aesthetics and performance

  • Convention/Hotels

    Seamless flooring solutions with unlimited design and color options, stain resistance, durability and cleanability

  • Correctional Institutions

    Solutions for correctional institutions to install or repair hard-wearing, durable and seamless flooring surfaces

  • ESD/Conductive

    Flooring systems that drain static charges from personnel and also add no static electricity to the environment

  • Food and Beverage

    High-performance flooring solutions to create and maintain clean, safe and compliant environments

  • Healthcare

    Comprehensive line of flooring solutions to meet the needs of diverse healthcare-related environments

  • Manufacturing

    Solutions that help manufacturing facilities stay clean, well-maintained and safe from slip, trip and fall hazards

  • Moisture Mitigation

    High-performance flooring systems to help you control moisture and install your floors sooner

  • Schools/Universities

    An array of decorative and utilitarian flooring solutions that provide both form and function

  • Sports Arena

    Decorative and functional flooring solutions that deliver stunning aesthetics, handle heavy traffic, and resist abrasions

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