Firetex® FX6002

A three-component, intumescent coating.

Providing fire and corrosion protection to commercial building steel structures, both interior and exterior, Firetex® FX6002 provides up to 3 hours of fire protection and is tested to global industry standards ISO 834 Parts 10 and 11, ASTM E119, and UL 263. This unique formulation provides a very durable high quality aesthetic finish. The ultra-fast drying properties allows for expedited shop application of the complete system and a reduction of the construction schedule.

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  • Excellent spray application properties

  • Rapid overcoating in as little as one hour, if required

  • Smooth, low sheen finish

  • Extremely durable, may be handled in one hour

  • May be exposed to the weather after four hours

  • Low film build requirements
  • Oil and Gas
  • Fire Protection
Solvent Liquid Coatings

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