Kem Bond HS Universal Metal Primer

A single-component, fast-drying, rust-inhibitive, universal phenolic alkyd metal primer.

A high-solids, low-VOC, heavy metal-free primer, Kem Bond® HS can be top coated with alkyd, acrylic and high-performance coatings. Also suitable as a "barrier" coat over conventional coatings which would normally be attacked by strong solvents in high-performance coatings.

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  • High-film build to protect sand-blasted steel

  • Good corrosion and rust protection

  • Universal

  • Can be topcoated with epoxies and urethanes

  • Exterior/interior metal primer

  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities
Kem Bond®
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage
  • Marine
Solvent Liquid Coatings

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