PipeClad® 5000

A two-component, ultra high-solids, amine-cured epoxy.

Engineered specifically to deliver long-term corrosion resistance, PipeClad® 5000 offers temperature resistance up to 203°F (95°C) to below-grade oil, LNG and NGL pipelines, underground utilities, valves and other equipment. It is formulated to provide outstanding resistance to impact, abrasion, chemical immersion, and from cathodic disbondment when used in combination with cathodic protection systems.

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  • Excellent cathodic disbondment resistance in ambient and elevated temperature service

  • High impact and abrasion resistance

  • Fast dry to backfill/return to service

  • Excellent adhesion over prepared steel and FBE (fusion bonded epoxy) coated pipe

  • Excellent application properties by brush, roller, broad knife or plural-component spray

  • High-build application: up to 60 mils WFT in one coat

  • Conveniently packaged in

  • 1 liter burst pouches, cartridges, 4-gallon kits and drum units for low waste applications on any size project
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pipe
Solvent Liquid Coatings

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