Resuflor™ DSS

Formerly Decorative Stone Slurry - An innovative decorative epoxy slurry system that sets itself apart from traditional flake and quartz floors by offering a beautiful, modern, stone-like appearance with exciting visual depth.

A 3-layer system consisting of a prime coat, a color blended slurry and clear topcoat. Compared to traditional decorative systems, Resuflor DSS requires fewer installation steps, helping to save time and labor costs, and thus enabling quicker return to business. A prime coat of Resuflor DSP, pigmented with Canada Gray colorant, is recommended (other epoxies may be used - contact Sherwin-Williams Technical Support for guidance). Follow with a slurry coat of Resuflor DSS and finish with a clear, light-stable urethane in satin finish or gloss finish with glass beads for additional texture. Create the optional cove base with Resuflor DSS Cove.

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  • Resuflor™ DSP

    Formerly Eco-DSP - Unique primer for use in the Resuflor DSS Decorative Stone Slurry™ System.

  • Resutile™ HTS 100

    Formerly Eco-HTS 100 - A low odor/low VOC, durable, chemical resistant, aliphatic, satin urethane for high traffic areas.

  • Resuflor™ DSS

    Formerly Eco-DSS - A three part, UV-resistant, epoxy-based, decorative slurry used in the Resuflor Decorative Stone Slurry™ System.

  • Resuflor™ DSS Cove

    Formerly Eco-DSS Cove - Decorative coving epoxy for use in the Resuflor Decorative Stone Slurry™ System.

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