Sher-Bar™ Green Fusion-Bonded Epoxy

An epoxy, powder coating.

Engineered to extend the service life of steel reinforced concrete structures, Sher-Bar™ Green Fusion-Bonded Epoxy provides optimum corrosion protection for steel reinforcing bar, dowel bar and related components critical to long-term structural performance. The coating is designed for application on fast production and custom coating lines. Fused to the steel surface during application, the thermoset polymer structure provides an optimum barrier to the corrosive effects of chlorides. Sher-Bar™ Green Fusion-Bonded Epoxy ensures maximum corrosion resistance on steel reinforcing bars and related components.

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  • Optimum corrosion protection

  • Strong cathodic disbonding resistance

  • Maximum flexibility for fabrication

  • Designed for application on fast production lines

  • Proven barrier to de-icing salts and chlorides
Powder Coatings

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