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Heat-Flex® 7000 Application Overview

Compared to conventional insulation and cladding systems, which require time-consuming fabrication and installation, the spray-applied Heat-Flex 7000 thermal insulative coating is far easier and less costly to apply and maintain.

Heat-Flex 7000 is a one component thermal insulative coating system that can be specified for use in indoor or outdoor environments to protect personnel and insulate assets and processes involved in oil and gas production and refining, mining, power generation, chemical processing, offshore and marine operations.

Heat-Flex 7000 Application Overview

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A single coat of Heat-Flex 7000 can eliminate the costs of installing, inspecting and repairing conventional insulation and cladding systems for personnel skin-contact protection, thereby also eliminating the common threat of corrosion under insulation (CUI). In addition, the coating reduces thermal losses on assets that need to stay warmer or diminishes solar heat gain on assets that need to stay cooler.

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A single topcoat of Heat-Flex 7000 can protect personnel from skin-contact burns on process assets operating at up to 350°F.

Neil Wilds

Global Product Director – CUI, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine

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