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Explore these resources to learn more about our oil & gas team and solutions that can help you in a variety of disciplines. Please reach out to us with questions - we're here to assist you.


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Coatings for Extreme Subsea Environments
Learn more about subsea oil & gas coating solutions that provide maximum protection against corrosion and high operating temperatures.


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Pipeclad® 2060 Moisture-Resistant Overcoat
Learn more about moisture-resistant overcoat (MRO) coating systems that provide strong moisture resistance, strong damage tolerance and high flexibility.


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MRO Coating Solutions to Safeguard Assets
Achieve operational excellence for your oil & gas downstream facility. Learn how Sherwin-Williams petrochemical coatings safeguard your assets.
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Corrosion Under Insulation and the Protective Coatings to Fight It
Learn more about the warning signs of CUI and how to mitigate the risk of hidden corrosion.
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Tank Linings for Oil and Gas Solutions
Eliminate common tank lining pain points with next-generation tank lining technologies.
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Critical Considerations to Extend the Longevity of Your Coatings
Leverage our industry knowledge and latest innovations to evaluate your coatings system.
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Protect Secondary Containment Areas from Leaks, Spillage and Overflow
Consider how often-overlooked secondary containment areas can be coated for protection against leaks, spillage and overflow of corrosive chemicals.
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Utilize Vital Passive Fire Protection for Employees and Assets
Defend your facility with next-generation fire protection solutions designed specifically for the danger of fires in hydrocarbon environments.

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