Energy extraction

Pipeclad™ Frac-Shun ERC

This novel and innovative erosion-resistant coating system extends the service life of fracking piping, decreasing maintenance costs and enhancing well productivity and safety

Pipeclad Frac-Shun ERC stands at the forefront of pipeline protection during energy extraction, addressing a critical industry challenge – the rapid erosion of inner pipe surfaces within 6-18 months. This erosive phenomenon not only leads to leaks but forces unplanned shutdowns, demanding costly pipe replacements.

Enter Pipeclad Frac-Shun ERC, a groundbreaking erosion-resistant coating system designed to be a fortress against the erosive forces experienced during the extraction phase of oil and gas operations. This system doesn’t just protect; it transforms the narrative of pipeline longevity. With the potential to double the asset life expectancy before replacement is necessary, Pipeclad Frac-Shun ERC gives unparalleled value to customers, reshaping industry expectations and redefining the standard for pipeline coatings. By extending service life and minimizing steel loss, this system significantly reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

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Benefits of Pipeclad Frac-Shun ERC

Extended Service Life, Reduced Steel Loss and Extended Maintenance Cycles

  • Extended Service Life
    Ultra-high erosion resistance prolongs the life of pipeline and elbow sections.

  • Reduced Steel Loss
    Minimizes damage and leakage during energy extraction, preserving valuable assets.

  • Extended Maintenance Cycles
    Decreases production downtime by offering longer maintenance intervals.

Highlights of Pipeclad Frac-Shun ERC

Unrivaled Protection, Proven Performance and Cost-Efficient

  • Unrivaled Protection
    Withstands high-velocity fluids and grit, preventing erosion and maintaining coating integrity.

  • Proven Performance
    Rigorous lab testing and field trials confirm superior adhesion, chemical resistance and erosion protection.

  • Cost-Efficient
    Avoid expensive repairs and replacements while ensuring a robust and enduring solution.

Pipeclad Frac-Shun ERC Overview Video

Duration - 2:4

Pipeclad Frac-Shun ERC establishes a new coatings category with a system that resists erosion inside pipes located near fracking wellheads, thereby reducing downtime maintenance costs and enhancing drilling productivity. This erosion-resistant coating (ERC) technology protects pipe interiors from the inherent sandblasting action of grit moving rapidly through the pipes.

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