FasTop® 4090

A two-component, water-based resin used with specific aggregates to create FasTop Topfloor SL57 and FasTop Topfloor SL13 floor systems.

FasTop® 4090 Topfloor Binder Resin is a two-part, water-based resin used with specific aggregates to create FasTop® Topfloor SL57 and FasTop® Topfloor SL13 floor systems. Reference the system bulletin application details.

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  • Resistance to a wide range of chemicals

  • Rapid cure and hardness development

  • May be applied direct to prepared concrete

  • Water-based

  • Low-temperature cure @ 40°F (4°C)

  • Acceptable for use in USDA inspected facilities

  • Impact and abrasion resistance

  • Moisture insensitive
Waterborne Liquid Coatings

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