FasTop Topcoat QT

Formerly FasTop QT. A cement texture coating that provides anti-slip properties to the FasTop family of floor systems.

FasTopĀ® Topcoat QT is a urethane cement texture coating designed to provide anti-slip properties to the FasTop family of floor systems, eliminating an aggregate broadcast or as a stand-alone safety coating. The texture provided by FasTop Topcoat QT is far easier to clean than a full aggregate broadcast while maintaining urethane cement performance against thermal shock, chemical attack and abrasion resistance. The texture can be varied in size and quantity to fit individual requirements and can be done in multiple colors for a decorative look.

Products available for this system:

  • Resuflor Aqua 3477

    A two-component epoxy water emulsion primer/sealer.

  • 5095

    Sherwin-Williams 5095 Aggregate

  • FasTop 4090

    A two-component, water-based resin used with specific aggregates to create FasTop Topfloor SL57 and FasTop Topfloor SL13 floor systems.

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