SofTop Deco Flake BC

Formerly SofTop Mosaic. A resinous flooring system providing a soft, quiet and decorative appearance.

SofTop™ Deco Flake BC is a 2-3mm (max 1/8") thick resinous floor; which provides a soft, quiet and decorative appearance, but is also chemical, impact and chip resistant. SofTop Deco Flake BC resists reflective cracking and provides a seamless finish for ease of maintenance.

Products available for this system:

  • Resutile 4685

    A two-component, high-solids, aliphatic polyurethane enamel.

  • Resutile 4687

    A two-component, ultra high-solids, aliphatic urethane finish.

  • 5601

    Natural Rubber Aggregate

  • 6750

    Chips Unlimited Flake Chips - Solid Color

  • Resutile 4686

    A two-component, ultra high-solids aliphatic urethane.

  • Resuprime 3579

    A two-component, high-solids, clear or pigmented epoxy primer and binder resin.

  • Resuflor 3555

    A two-component, high-solids, chemical-resistant elastomeric epoxy.

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