SofTop TG

Formerly SofTop. A seamless, resilient and decorative flooring system.

SofTop™ TG combines high-solids flexible epoxy resin with colored rubber chips in a troweled mortar system. The result is a seamless floor that offers ergonomic comfort and noise reduction versus other traditional hard-surface floor systems.

Products available for this system:

  • Resutile 4685

    A two-component, high-solids, aliphatic polyurethane enamel.

  • Elladur 4844

    A two-component, fast-set, high-solids resin utilizing polyaspartic technology.

  • SofTop 3557

    A two-component, high-solids, flexible epoxy binder resin for the SofTop Decorative Flooring System.

  • Resuprime 3579

    A two-component, high-solids, clear or pigmented epoxy primer and binder resin.

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