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Design and durability harmoniously coexist in TERRA, our decorative flooring collection that complements the 2023 Sherwin-Williams Colormix. Based on connections formed through nature, history, compassion and joy, these 16 trends span four palettes inspired by the natural interweaving of self and space. Lush in tone, pattern and texture, TERRA illuminates the wondrous potential of what lies beneath our feet.

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A biological yearning for balance exists within the vast and ever-changing wilderness of our imaginations. Abundantly present in earth’s multidimensional landscapes are colors that cultivate these juxtaposed feelings of excitement and comfort, and of calm and wild. Biome includes a peaceful mix of rich organic metallic pigments and grounding deco-flake neutrals – reflecting the tonal complexities of nature and ourselves.

Resuflor Terrazzo TG

Resuflor Topcoat Metallic
Canary Diamond

Resuflor Deco Quartz DB23
Caramel Brulee

Resuflor Topfloor Metallic
Ocean View


The call to create is woven into the fiber of our being. It’s present in the very air we breathe, binding us together in a community of makers that spans centuries and crosses cultures. Guided by an inherent need for ingenuity, Lore captures passion and artistry through its dramatic hues and textures. Unapologetically bold shimmer is balanced by the palette’s intricate and deliberate aggregate flooring patterns.

Resuflor Deco Quartz DB23
Peppered Granite

Resuflor Topfloor Metallic
Vermillion Sunset

Resuflor Terrazzo TG

Resuflor Topfloor Metallic
Martini Olive


Nexus embodies a place of healing, a realm where the energy we give is the energy we receive, where tranquility and luster collide to form the best version of ourselves. From brilliantly shiny deco-quartz to tactilely appealing deco-flakes, this collection examines resinous flooring through the lens of a sophisticated splendor-seeker, and symbolizes the diverse interpretation of natural serenity.

Resuflor 3746
White & Sand Beige Meld

Resuflor Deco Flake SB
Pyrite 1/4"

Resuflor Topcoat Metallic
Angel Wing

Resuflor Deco Quartz DB23
Spiced Rice Cake


To chart a path through the wild and wonderful landscape of our lives, we begin within. By layering fond memories and future hopes in the present moment, a vibrant, joyful palette is created. With shimmering, luxurious metallics and free-spirited terrazzos, Origin captures a fresh perspective on colors and patterns we’ve seen, but haven’t felt, before.

Resuflor Terrazzo TG

Resuflor Topfloor Metallic
Blueberry Tart

Resuflor Terrazzo TG

Resuflor Topcoat Metallic
Dark and Stormy

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