Static Control Flooring Maintenance Recommendations

Sherwin-Williams static dissipative/conductive flooring consists of thermosetting resins with or without conductive fillers and approved aggregates. These floors will remain conductive throughout the life of the system if proper care and maintenance are exercised.

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There are two basic care and maintenance faults that will cause problems with conductive flooring:

  1. The use of strong cleaners that leach out or destroy the conductive particles.
  2. Maintenance procedures that allow a film or scum to build on the floor. The scum or build-up can be caused by residue or minerals from hard water, insoluble dirt, tracked wax from other areas, residual soap, etc. A neutralizing floor cleaner is used for a complete rinse and residue elimination of static electrical residues from charged particles of contaminant or detergent washings.

Sherwin-Williams strongly recommends that maintenance personnel work very closely with the floor maintenance chemical supplier or the floor maintenance service organization if one is used, using their maintenance recommendations. Three sources of maintenance products for conductive systems are:

  1. Walter G. Legge Company
  2. Huntington Laboratories
  3. Union Brands (859) 384-1497

Maintenance of conductive flooring guidelines include:

  1. If sanitizers are used, it is recommended that quaternary ammonium compounds be utilized. If hard water is used, a softener should be added.
  2. Depending upon the use of the area, the floors should be thoroughly scrubbed using an approved solution which will loosen and lift any soil, wax, etc., that has accumulated. Picking up the soiled water with a vacuum is recommended.
  3. Conductivity of the floor should be checked on a regular basis. If the conductive readings show a trend in either direction, procedures are available to stabilize the conductivity. Contact technical service for additional information.

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