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Hygienic resin floors for laboratories, hospitals, operating rooms, clean rooms, assisted living and veterinary clinics

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Sherwin-Williams line of seamless, slip-resistant resin floors help create sterile and cleanable conditions that comply with strict pharmaceutical and healthcare industry standards. Due to their excellent stain and chemical resistance, our decorative systems can be easily maintained and deliver long-lasting aesthetics. Our floor solutions provide healthcare and pharmaceutial facilities with a wide range of design options that can be customised to include patterns or logos to enhance lobbies and other public areas. 

Solutions for Your Industry

  • Assisted Living

    Diverse range of resin floor systems provide seamless solutions for all assisted living facility areas - from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets to reception areas where durable hygienic and decorative finishes are required.

  • Clean Rooms

    Proven seamless floor solutions for use in clean rooms where control of airborne particles is essential to maintain a controlled environment for production.

  • Healthcare

    Seamless, non-slip resin floors create sterile conditions that comply with strict standards for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

  • Hospital

    High performance resin floor systems for hospitals, clinics and medical facilities provide seamless surfaces to enhance sterile environments and meet strict cleanliness standards for wards, surgeries, pharmacies, laboratories and atriums.

  • Surgery Blocks

    Sterile, seamless, anti-static, non-slip resin floors are ideal for operating theatre facilities due to their durability and ability to withstand aggressive cleaning regimes, including hot water and steam cleaning, as well as harsh chemicals.

  • Veterinary

    Durable resin floor solutions for veterinary clinics, zoos and kennels where it is essential to maintain hygiene and aesthetics while enhancing the safety of animals and staff.

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