Maintaining Coated Metal Exteriors

Get out your brooms, dustpans and washcloths, because it’s time for a bit of spring-cleaning. Although traditionally thought of as an interior scrubbing of our homes, we often forget the importance of keeping our exteriors in equal condition and peak quality. Exterior materials are often a defining feature of an office building or residential home as they provide the visual aesthetics and protective features that boost market value and make them unique. This is especially true when it comes to coated metal paneling.

Although a nearly maintenance-free product, a few simple steps can help coated metal shine brightly throughout the warm summer months that are fast approaching.

One of the easiest solutions for cleaning metal panels finished with PVDF resin-based coatings is by simply rinsing the surface with water. As time passes, dirt and other residues can build up on the panel surface, affecting the quality of appearance and potential lifetime of a coating. With the use of a standard garden hose or pressure spray equipment, most buildups on a coating surface can easily be removed, allowing the original finish to flourish.

When residue buildup is too heavy for rinsing alone, or the coated metal surface features a bulk of contaminants or stains, cleaning with a standard soap or detergent is an effective option. In difficult areas that need a harder form of scrubbing to fully clean, use of a plastic bristle brush is recommended as a preferred abrasive. It is best to avoid the use of steel brushes or similarly coarse cleaning materials, as they can potentially mar or discolor the surface of the coated metal.

For most forms of dirt, staining or wear, these basic cleaning processes will effectively remove them, but when it comes to graffiti removal, extra measures are often needed to ensure proper removal and cleansing. Although quality coatings go a long way in combatting graffiti, the best removal processes incorporate the use of water-soluble, biodegradable cleaning systems made from soluble alcohol that can be rinsed off with water. The best variants of these non-toxic cleaning solutions, such as the innovative cleaning system supplied by Graffiti Removal Services, use a brush-on, wipe-off application to quickly and effectively remove graffiti without damaging the underlying coating.

Whether it’s a simple rinse from a garden hose, or the process of removing graffiti, maintaining the beauty and style of a building’s exterior has never been easier thanks to coated metal panels.

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