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Committed to Quality

Every Sherwin-Williams product is subjected to the harshest testing environments and conditions to ensure our coatings and colors last decades.

Color Can Pass the Test

Everything we develop stands up to intense weather and UV rays while offering exceptional color retention and resistance to chalking or chemical degradation. Over the years, we have perfected our manufacturing process to reduce downtime, improve products and innovate in everything we do. Our restless pursuit of quality and performance ensures that what we create delivers the performance you demand.



Our world-class laboratory carries out a wide array of tests to measure saltwater and air corrosion, chemical degradation and UV damage and other factors. We also perform extensive and continual testing on resins and pigments to ensure that we achieve the highest industry standards for solar reflectance, retention of color and gloss, adhesion and finish consistency, and quality.
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Sherwin-Williams owns more than a dozen additional facilities around the world. In Rochester, Pennsylvania, we test acid rain; in Marengo, Illinois, we test freeze/thaw; and in Queensland, Australia, we test the impacts of high-UV light. All of our facilities collaborate to ensure coatings are tested in every condition possible.
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We make sure we’re giving you what you need with speedy timelines, reliable coatings and top-notch customer support. Our automation and blend systems deliver top speed and consistency to provide the best lead times in the industry for production turnaround.
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State Of the art testing

Color can OUTSHINE.

State-of-the-Art Testing

Exposure to the sun (UV light), moisture and humidity, high temperatures and temperature fluctuations can lead to color changes, chalking, blistering, corrosion and many other physical factors to the protective metal coating. Knowing our enemy and understanding how it can affect our product helps us develop and deliver superior products to our customers.

Moisture and Humidity Exposure
We use special environmental instruments to speed up the weathering process by simulating dew and rain. By doing this, we can measure the effects of water spray and humidity under extreme conditions.

UV Light Testing
We place sample panels on inclined open racks oriented toward the sun, usually at a 45-degree angle in a southerly direction. This angle, and our approach, ensures full UV exposure.

Sand Durability
Sand abrasion tests and evaluations are performed to appropriate industry association standards by Sherwin-Williams technical experts.

Simulating Natural Weathering

Utilizing QUV Lamp Testing to simulate weathering's impact on the performance of Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings.

Weatherability Matters

Developing coatings for all conditions, take a glimpse into our test facility.

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