Civil Infrastructure

Protective Coatings to Keep Your Transport Centres, Commercial and Public Buildings Looking Good

Civil constructions such as sports arenas, schools, hospitals, railway stations and port areas, require both structural protection and long-lasting aesthetics. Sherwin-Williams can help maintain these buildings looking like new by providing proven coating solutions for both inside and outside to ensure safety and long-lasting performance.

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine can help reduce new building construction time with a portfolio of quick-drying systems – from anticorrosion primers to coloured finishes – and fire protection systems that can be factory applied.

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Civil Infrastructure

Solutions for Your Industry

  • Brunel building


    Sherwin-Williams offers a complete range of products to protect your commercial buildings both inside and out. Whether you need to protect walls, floors or structural steel, our high-performance coating systems deliver corrosion, abrasion, and chemical resistance as well as exterior weathering and fire protection.

  • School construction site


    Sherwin-Williams coating systems for schools and colleges are designed not only to protect the buildings, but also the attending students. Our range of environmentally-friendly products ensure a bright, safe environment for learning, with easily-cleaned graffiti-resistant wall coatings and low maintenance, durable exterior coatings.

  • Healthcare Facility


    Sherwin-Williams offers a range of protective coatings ideal for all healthcare facilities. Our premium products deliver durable protection for wall and floors against the daily operations, provide easy clean surfaces and non-slip properties to enhance safety, and meet strict hygiene requirements.

  • Industrial unit


    Sherwin-Williams offers the complete range of coatings to protect your factories and warehouses, including anticorrosive coatings, abrasion resistant floor coatings and passive fire protection systems. Specialist coating products are also available for different substrates and for areas of high humidity.

  • Sports Stadium

    Sporting and Cultural Venues

    Sherwin-Williams delivers a whole range of environmentally-friendly steel and concrete protective coatings to meet an architect’s design choices. Our coatings include formulations to withstand the effects of weather and repeated foot traffic with minimum maintenance, helping keep your arenas and museums fully operational.

  • Train station structure

    Transportation Hubs and Harbours

    Sherwin-Williams supplies corrosion protective coatings for new building and maintenance of railway stations, airports, and port and harbour infrastructure such as jetties, loading/offloading equipment and storage facilities.

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