Transportation Hubs and Harbours

Full Range of Coatings to Keep Your Facilities Operating Normally

Sherwin-Williams supplies superior protective coatings for new building and maintenance of railway stations, airports, and port and harbour infrastructure such as jetties, loading/offloading equipment and storage facilities. These include anticorrosion primers and durable topcoats for reduced maintenance, surface-tolerant systems for fast return to service after repair, and heavy-duty floor coatings for high-traffic areas.

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Transport Hubs- St. Pancras Station

Solutions for Your Industry

  • Cellulosic Fire Protection

    Intumescent coatings that provide time for occupants to safely escape and time for firefighters to save structures

  • Corrosion Protection

    Coating formulations that enable faster applications, with lower surface preparation cleanliness requirements, shorter drying times and fewer coats

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